Discovering conscience in health care

The Aletheia Conscience Project (ACP) was created to ethically anchor health care professionals (HCP) and stakeholders to understand what conscience is. Researchers with ACP also support HCPs to use their conscience for ethical health care practice.


Conscience can support people to make ethical decisions in health care practice.


How our researchers help

  1. Utilizing bioethical frameworks to support HCPS to act ethically in the face of their conflicts of conscience
  2. Supporting healthcare stakeholders to accommodate freedom of conscience and to navigate conflicts of conscience to advance morally inclusive healthcare professions and workplaces
  3. Supporting healthcare professionals to understand and use their conscience to address, evaluate and resolve their conflicts of conscience
Christina Lamb

Christina Lamb:
ACP founder and Principal Investigator

Dr. Christina Lamb is a Bioethicist with a Ph.D. in Nursing. She has extensive experience in health care practice with clinical bioethics expertise.

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